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New Year New Blog!

Hello lovelies!

I have made the decision to begin blogging, once again. For those of you who don’t know, I began blogging back in 2014 when I became pregnant with my son (who is now nearly five – wow!). I blogged for a few years then the desire kind of fizzled out because I honestly just lacked the emotional energy needed to put into writing much of anything. I’ll share more on that later, but for now, here’s a little background on me and what I intend for the blog in the weeks, months and possibly years to come:

My name is Rebecca, I live in Alaska (have done, since I was around 7). I have a beautiful little boy and a wonderful husband. I’m a writer and artist, I have a coloring book and novella (plus a few short stories) available on Amazon (shameless link promotion right here) I am currently working on the sequel to my novella ‘Hunting Death’, and also another coloring book (updates to come!)

I’m number 5 of 9 kids, we were all homeschooled and my husband and I plan on homeschooling our children as well. I loved growing up on an Alaskan homestead and learning from my mom. I believe that hands on, experience based learning is one of the best forms of education, especially when that learning can be out in nature, surrounded by opportunities.

My life hasn’t always been all that wonderful though, I’ve been through a lot of heartbreak. I’ve been divorced, experienced miscarriages, I was a single mom for about two and a half years. Going through that whole experience shattered me, or rather, who I had thought I was, and left me raw and bare. But through it all, the one constant I had in my life was my faith. When I felt as though I had nothing left, God was the only one I could turn to and He used my experience to draw me even closer to Him than I had been in my entire life. He brought me healing, kept my son and I safe when situations could have easily escalated, and in 2019 He brought my husband into our lives.

So, now that you have some more background on me we can move on to more exciting things!

A New Year usually brings a whole slew of Resolutions and Goals for many people. I’m not typically one for Resolutions because, I usually overload myself with outrageously awesome things I want to do and barely accomplish a handful of them. SO, I just set attainable goals for myself.

This year, my goals are a little more open ended to hopefully keep them more attainable, they’re more like focuses instead of goals really.

  • More Hygge. If you don’t know what Hygge (pronounced ‘hyoo-guh’) is here is the definition from Wikipedia: “Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. As a cultural category with its sets of associated practices hygge has more or less the same meanings in Danish and Norwegian, but the notion is more central in Denmark than in Norway.”
  • Write, Write, Write! – In addition to blogging, I’d love to finish the sequel to ‘Hunting Death’ and at least create two more coloring books, if not more. We’ll see how the year goes.
  • Kindergarten! – My son will turn 5 in March so we will begin bookwork learning more aggressively this year.
  • Adventures – Honestly, this is a goal I have for every year. I absolutely love hiking, camping, fishing, and pretty much anything you can do outdoors. Living in Alaska, you tend to soak up as much outside time as you can in the summer because the winters are very dark and usually pretty cold too. Getting outside in the winter is fun as well, but it can be a lot more difficult when it’s -20 or colder some days.


That’s the gist of it really, I am trying to simplify life and be flexible because of this last year has taught me anything, it’s that a lot can change in just a short amount of time.

I hope you are enjoying this New Year (and New Decade!) feel free to share your own goals or resolutions in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

Stay lovely,


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